Silver Lake Public Schools meets regarding new elementary school

    Silver Lake Public Schools meets regarding new elementary school (NTV News)

    With the building nearing 100 years old, community members feel it's finally time for a new elementary school for the school district. The Silver Lake Elementary School project will give students and the community an opportunity to enhance class size and increase enrollment.

    The second town hall style meeting allowed community members and parents to voice their concerns and see building project plans before they get a chance to cast their ballots.

    Shirley Ewing, chairperson of the Silver Lake Student Success Committee said that the project benefits the tax payers in the school district.

    "We have money set aside in a building fund to help with this. That's why we don't have to ask for a lot, " said Ewing. "Plus, we can do it on a neutral levy which means that we are not going to ask the tax payers to pay anymore than they are right now," she said.

    The total cost of the new school is about $5.5 million. One issue the community wants addressed with the new building is having a facility that meets ADA accessibility guidelines.

    Due to the number of floors in the old building, some students don't have access to the extra classes and activities provided by the school.

    Parents like Kim Bonifas wants her daughter to have access to the whole school.

    "It'll give Kinleigh and kids like Kinleigh with disabilities access to every room in the school. Right now she can't get to the library, her best friend has to check her books out for her," said Bonifas. "She also can't get to the art room, and so her entire class has to have art in their classroom because they can't get to the 2nd floor," she said.

    Community members listened to speakers and learned about voting information. All voting will be done by mail with ballots going out around January 22nd. To vote you must live in the Silver Lake School District.

    Mail-in ballots must be postmarked, signed and received by the voters county of residence by 5 p.m. on Feb. 12.

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