Skate the State: two college students longboarding across Nebraska for homelessness

Dylan Burton (left) and Brendon Keller(right) taking a break near Platte River, after longboarding 150 miles in 5 days.

There are approximately 20,000 homeless people in Nebraska, according to

That’s why University of Nebraska-Omaha students Brendon Keller and Dylan Burton are making the 280-mile voyage from their hometown of North Platte to Omaha on their longboard skateboards to bring awareness to homelessness and at–risk youth.

"We're raising awareness for the homeless and our non–profit, skate for change, so we're focused on getting the homeless non–financial support and also providing mentorship for kids who are struggling to get through elementary school," Brendon Keller said.

After working with the Lincoln–based organization called "The BAY," a skate park and resource center that aims to help homeless communities and youth, they were inspired to create "Skate the State."

"We used to skate around and we'd hand them hygiene kits, water, belts, toothbrushes, and stuff like that. Seeing that just inspired us to help them and get them off their feet and just befriend them, whatever they need us to be," Keller said.

Since Saturday, they've traveled 150 miles, landing them in Omaha by June 6th.

You may see a black Toyota following behind with supplies for the men.

"We've got like water Gatorade, fruit and stuff in the cooler," Keller said. They even have camping supplies.

And although they have a few minor injuries, they remain positive.

"At the end of the day it's just one push at a time, one mile at time, and one day at a time. That's how we take it," Burton said.

Their website page has raised over $800, which they say they hope to put towards opening a resource center in Omaha similar to "The BAY."

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