Small town bringing something bigger

Sign that welcomes visitors when they arrive in Dannebrog (NTV)

In about two weeks, daylight will give way to moonlight, during the total solar eclipse. Dannebrog is hoping to attract as many visitors as possible to the tiny town and give eclipse watchers an unforgettable experience.

The town of Dannebrog has roughly 300 people, but it has some things they say bigger cities might not be able to offer during the eclipse.

"It's not going to come around in my lifetime again and I'm so excited about being able to see it and char it with this community," Gale Pemberton, President of Dannebrog eclipse Committee, said.

The community of Dannebrog may be small, but they're offering quite a bit the weekend of the total solar eclipse.

Pemberton said people all the way from California and Minnesota will be traveling to Dannebrog.

The eclipse celebration kicks–off on Thursday. They’ll have a pizza and cruise night, a petting zoo, pony rides, and plenty of food.

The Monday of the eclipse, the viewing party will be at the muzzle loaders Liberty Range.

"Kids can play if they get bored and they can't run into traffic because there won't be any. You can camp there, park there, and you can eat there. The muzzle loaders will cook for you. They will be doing black powder demonstrations and things like that," Pemberton said.

The Pawnee tribe were Dannebrog's first settlers and many Pawnee Indians are coming to help the town celebrate.

"The Pawnee are coming up from Oklahoma to help us celebrate. Next Sunday, Ralph Brown will be giving a program at 130 in the fire hall here. The next Sunday, the 20th the Pawnee will be dancing and singing in our park from 2pm to 5pm," Pemberton said.

They don't want their visitors leaving Dannebrog empty–handed either so they’re selling souvenirs.

"About 500 t–shirts and four different styles of t–shirts. We have water bottles and we have wristbands," Lori Larsen, Eclipse Committee Publicity Officer, said.

One thing they hope visitors will take away from the small town experience,

"The people are just hometown people and we just really hope people fall in love with Dannebrog,” Larsen said.

For those still looking for your eclipse glasses Dannebrog has ordered an additional 25,000 pair.

Click here for more information or to pre-order an eclipse shirt from Dannebrog.

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