Smith "trust but verify" as President plans North Korea summit

Rep. Adrian Smith speaks with NTV in June 2018 (NTV News)

Rep. Adrian Smith says the nation needs to move forward cautiously, as Pres. Donald Trump says the North Korea summit is back on.

Smith spoke to NTV a few hours before Pres. Trump made the announcement. At the time, Smith said he believed a summit would happen.

He said, "I'm encouraged. Certainly this is a dicey topic. I think a lot of folks are surprised we even have this opportunity. But I see that this opportunity can be a very positive situation and I would we can see this move forward. I think we should be cautious. Trust but verify as the saying goes for several years now. I think it's a great opportunity to engage in a productive manner and hopefully have a safer world as a result."

Pres. Trump will be meeting with Kim Jong Un, in an attempt to end the North Korean nuclear program.

Smith said it was wise for the president to step back, to signal the seriousness of the situation.

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