Social media expert says parents should get on Snapchat, Instagram

Social media expert says parents should get on Snapchat and Instagram (NTV News)

Grand Island Senior High hosted a social media safety presentation Tuesday evening, along with JUUL awareness.

Karen Haase is a lawyer from Lincoln who often speaks to GISH students about internet issues.

She said social media has the potential for a positive impact but teens need to be using it responsibly.

Haase said her goal is not to force parents to take away social media, but to get them on Snapchat, Instagram or whatever social media that their child uses.

"Every parent that has a teen or a preteen should have both Snapchat and Instagram on their phones. If their child uses those applications, you should follow your child on those applications and I think having constant conversations with kids about responsible social media use is important," said Haase.

If they want their child to use social media responsibly, Haase said the parent needs to model good social media behavior as well.

She spoke about different cases that an innocent social media post could become a civil or even criminal lawsuit as well.

Haase warns parents that sexting is still a big concern among teens.

She also said parents should look out for "finstagrams" or "sinstagrams" which are fake or alternative social media accounts that teens make.

Haase recommends websites for parents who want understand social media: Common Sense and Smart Social.

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