Tow truck drivers and operators get specialized training in Kearney

Specialized training for tow truck drivers and operators held in Kearney this week. (NTV News)

Tow truck operators brushed up on proper techniques with specialized training in Kearney at a four-day workshop.

Instructors from Wreckmaster training gave drivers and operators from across the Midwest proper procedures in different scenarios from tying a car on a flatbed, to proper lighting on towed vehicles. They're getting both classroom and hands-on experience while focusing on both towing and recovery.

Workshop organizers said safety is crucial with all the dangers facing tow truck operators while they're on the job.

"Safety, safety, safety, that's a big part of our industry and if we miss one step, if we screw up one thing, it can mean our lives, someone else's lives or whatever so yeah, safety is huge," said Dowhy Towing and Recovery Owner Logan Dowhy.

The workshop was hosted by Professional Towing Association of Nebraska.

Training continues Monday, with higher levels of instruction focusing on semis and larger vehicles being held on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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