Stinky pile at GI construction site may not be what it seems

Some raised a stink about a pile of materials at a Grand Island construction site. Shayne Bader (right) explained it is mostly dirt but may have had some manure in it (NTV News)

A poopy problem may not be what it appears in Grand Island, as police and the building inspector respond to a call about possible manure dumping.

A truck from Shayne Bader Trucking of Palmer is stuck in the mud, next to a large pile of materials, and there's an odor of manure.

The building site is not far from Grand Island Northwest, on a street called North Point Circle, just off Highway 2.

It attracted the attention of police.

Bader says his truck could've had some manure it in, but it's nothing to worry about.

He told NTV, “We haul manure with our trucks a little and they thought there was a little manure residue in the truck, maybe a 5-gallon bucketful. If there's a problem we'll come clean it up, take care of. We'll be out here with the loaders pronto.”

City Building Department Director Craig Lewis told NTV that neighbors were concerned the material was animal waste from the JBS Swift packing plant.

Lewis said he saw what looked to be compost or manure in the pile, but he said it was mostly dirt, and not very good dirt at that, calling it “crappy dirt.”

Lewis said plastic bottles and other stuff were mixed in with the dirt, and asked for it to be raked out and cleaned up.

Several homes are under construction in the area. Bader explained he was hauling fill dirt to be used at those sites. He joked the additional manure in the mound of dirt should make for green grass.

Bader and Lewis both said the dirt came from a city street department pile.

Both men said some of the smell may be coming from the truck that is stuck at the site. Odor may also be coming from the feedlot not far west of Grand Island.

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