Stockings stuffed by angels for those in Hastings

Stockings stuffed by angels for the city of Hastings (NTV News)

The holidays are in full swing and one Hastings group is giving back to those who might not receive a gift this year.

The Angels of Stuffers 101 is stuffing stockings for disabled and direct care patients.

This year, the group plans to surpass last year’s amount by raising over 350 stockings. From today’s count, they have already passed it.

Connie Kaweesa, an Angel of Stuffers volunteer, said the stockings are stuffed with candy, puzzle books and other trinkets that are donated like shampoo or tooth brushes. These "stuffers" rely heavily on their donations. This year, sponsors like Walgreens, Texas Roadhouse, Crosier Park and Project Homeless pitched in.

"Anymore donations, extra donations from people would be wonderful and extra stockings so that we could continue to give,” Kaweesa said.

Once the stockings are filled, they are taken to places like the Pathway or Autumn Park Apartments and other places that reach out for the donations.

"These people we feel end up kind of getting lost in the mix of holidays, you know the seniors have somewhere to go, children have something, families have stuff, but the direct care kind of just get lost so we decided we would do this,” Kaweesa said.

Kaweesa said the point of the stockings is to let people know that someone is thinking about them this holiday season. She said she gets back something you cannot find under a tree.

"What we get out of it is just pure joy. We just really enjoy helping people, there's not much more than that. We love it,” Kaweesa said.

Stockings will be stuffed Dec. 20, and passed out early on Christmas Eve. Come April the Angels of Stuffers 101 will take on an Easter project by putting together gift bags for the community.

If you would like to volunteer time or donate supplies, you can contact Rashell Hillis at (402) 984-9438.

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