Stuhr Museum's agricultural fair encourages simplicity

Stuhr Museum's agricultural fair encourages simplicity. (NTV News)

The Stuhr Museum's agricultural fair is encouraging people to have fun through simplicity.

It may not have some of the same rides or even some of the same foods that your average fair has, but, the 1897-inspired agricultural fair encourages kids to create.

They have a contest where anyone who has grown something, written, or created something can show off his or her talents.

From growing fresh fruits and vegetables to writing music - it's all about enjoying what you can - 1900s style.

They even held an apple peeling contest.

Palm reader and historical interpreter Madame Wanda said it's about getting kids to see the differences in a fair that people experience today versus a fair in the 1900s

"You compare and contrast modern life with the past so you can see, okay, and maybe things aren't as bad as I thought or maybe there's a lot more I can learn if I just look," said Kay Cynova, a historical interpreter.

For more info on how to enter next year's contest, click here.

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