NRD system celebrates 45 years

The NRD system celebrates 45 years (NTV News)

Nebraska's Lieutenant Governor Mike Foley was in Kearney Tuesday attending the Nebraska Natural Resources Districts (NRD) conference.

The NRD system is celebrating 45 years of protecting Nebraska's natural resources. This system has created many projects to conserve and protect resources, and this conference looked to expand those projects and show appreciation for the employees that have made them possible. A few employees at the conference have been with the system for its entire 45 years, but for them, this is more than a job.

"It's our life blood. Without taking care of the soil and the water, we have very little," said 45 year employee of Lower Platte North NRD Don Kavan.

Many employees agree. They see their families and friends getting back into agriculture and realizing it has always been the future.

"Because what we do now, we're doing for people, hopefully you know, 100, 200 years from now," said 20-year employee of the Upper Niobrara NRD Lynn Webster.

Lieutenant Governor Foley applauded those working for a NRD and said he believes their work is crucial.

"When you get invited to speak to all the NRD directors and their staff, it's an invitation that you'd be well advised to accept because you're in front of a very important audience," Foley said.

And this important audience made a call to action.

"Water purity, soil health does not happen all by itself. One person cannot do it. It takes a whole group of people to keep working at this and water is probably our most important product right now," Kavan said.

Some at the conference say forty-five years of protecting our natural resources is an idea that has only improved with age.

"In 45 years, I've lost a lot of friends and they're not here anymore, and we have new friends and they're going to carry on the situation for us," Kavan said.

For more information on NRD programs and events, visit their website here.

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