Theobald looks to bring fresh perspective on Trade War

Theobald looks to bring fresh perspective on Trade War (NTV News)

On Tuesday the Trump administration announced a new set of tariff's on Chinese goods that marks just the latest escalation of a months long trade war between the two countries.

While he has been looking to establish trade surpluses, Trump's trade war has so far had a devastating effect on American industry, with steel, aluminum and soybeans all seeing record low commodity prices.

Democratic candidate for Nebraska's 3rd district Paul Theobald feels that it is Trump's simplistic way of approaching trade and his heavy handed tariffs that is causing so many of these problems.

Well its complicated, and I think we have a president who wants to make it simplistic. He looks at every single country and says we need to have a trade surplus with every single country but the world doesn't work that way. Think about what he is doing, the one industry where we had an enormous trade surplus was agriculture right, so he is giving that up

said Theobald

Theobald feels the trade war is not just bad business, but that its unacceptable to ask rural Americans to bear the brunt of the economic impact of tariffs.

We are going to have trade surpluses with some and deficits with others and no in my estimation its not a viable response. We shouldn't be asking rural Americans to take this kind of hit for an agenda that is never going to be successful

Theobald said of economic impact from tariffs.

While the blame for the trade war rests on the Trump administration, Theobald feels that it is also Americas career politicians that allowed us to be roped into a trade war with china.

That's the danger of continuing to elect career politicians, they do things to prolong their career. I am a citizen politician, I have no great desire to be a Congressman but I have a burning desire to protect a way of life I know and love. It also happens to be a way of life that preserves democracy

said Theobald.

Theobald will take on incumbent Republican Adrian Smith for Nebraska's 3rd district in the upcoming midterms, looking to take trade in a new direction.

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