Things to watch out for in the 2019 tax season

    Things to watch out for in the 2019 tax season (NTV News)

    It's that time of year again where you need to gather your W4s, W2s, and 1099's so you can file your taxes so Uncle Sam can get his cut.

    But experts are saying this year with new tax reforms and a possible government shutdown, it's more important than ever to pay attention to your taxes, and file them early.

    A new format for 1040 tax forms changes the way personal deductions are calculated, and the possibility of a government shutdown has led tax experts to warn folks, this year won't be like years prior.

    "The biggest thing they are going to notice is the 1040 is all on one page this year. Last year it was over two pages, there were a lot of different schedules you have to file. This year some of those schedules are gone and some of the deductions are different this year than they were last year," said Roland Williams, tax expert at Jackson Hewitt in Kearney.

    Its those changes in deductions that will affect what people are usually paying the closest attention to, their tax refunds.

    Tax experts warn that these new changes could mean that your refund will be significantly reduced from last years, and some might find they owe money this year, rather than get a refund.

    "Main changes is the personal deduction has doubled this year. So for a single if you have over 12,000 dollars worth of deductions it's important to save your receipts and all your records. If its under that they get the standard reduction which basically wipes out $12,000 of their income to reduce taxable income," said Williams.

    With all of the new changes many will be looking for professional help doing their taxes.

    Folks could always set up an appointment with one of the tax experts at Jackson Hewitt, the Kearney Public Library in cooperation with the AARP is also hosting days where folks can get free help with filing their taxes.

    "The AARP tax aid is here at the Kearney Public Library on Thursdays from 12 to 4, again you come early so you can get on the list, and they will also be at the Peterson Senior Center on Tuesdays from 12 to 4 as well," said Sarah Haack of the Kearney Public Library.

    The experts who we spoke to today said even if the government is shut down on April 15th the IRS will still function and you should be able to file your returns. But they say the refund might be delayed with the shutdown.

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