Tommy Gunz Bistro brings new feel to Grand Island

Tommy Gunz Bistro gives Grand Island new fine dining experience (NTV).

The City of Grand Island continues to open doors for new businesses and one in particular is bringing in a different feel - Tommy Gunz Bistro.

For the past two years, the Bosselman's Company has been dreaming up a concept of a worldly fine dining experience.

Managers said they wanted to bring something new to Grand Island that's never been done before.

"We need some place where you can go, 'Hey honey, I'm going to take you out tonight.' And you go, 'Where?' 'You put on that red dress, I'm about to take you to Tommy Gunz,"' Phil Holmes, Director of Hospitality, said.

From menu items of Caribbean, Thai, and American influence to it’s old timey theme, it’s something different than Grand Island has seen before.

"Tommy Gunz was this character, who was a bootlegger and a moonshiner and he had warehouse–in his warehouse where he stored all his good liquor. In the back, he had a chef in the back that would cook up food for his crew," Charlie Bosselman, Bosselman President, said.

It dates back to prohibition days. And this back of the house crew is planning to take people’s taste buds on a world tour.

"An excellent menu which is a Mediterranean base with a little bit of Cuban and African influences. Our chefs provided some great dishes and we want everybody to leave out going, 'wow,’” Holmes said.

It has a full service bar that holds barrel-aged whiskey, a wine tastings area, and private dining rooms.

It even has a conference room that could be rented out.

Michala Soundy, Grand Island Chamber of Commerce Vice President, said the restaurant's location and unique menu helps an already-saturated restaurant industry.

"We're thankful for them. They took that South Locust corridor where they put in their cooperate headquarters and the dressed that area up," Soundy said.

She said this is good for surrounding businesses on that side of town.

"They've also got the liquor warehouse and now they've got the bistro to go along with it. So, people working in that area– or there's a lot of events that go on in that area and maybe that side of town needs a little more so it was nice to bring something like that to that area of Grand Island," Soundy said.

Their wish for their guests?

"What it's like to be in Grand Island and not feel like you're in Grand Island," Holmes said.

Tommy Gunz is already open for business, but will have its grand opening March 16.

They are located at 1607 south Locust Street.

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