Troopers remove man from Veterans Home for "medical situation"

A man leaves the Pershing Building on February 8, 2018 accompanied by state troopers, who were taking him to be evaluated for a "medical condition." NTV is not identifying him at this time (NTV News)

State troopers in tactical gear removed a member of the Grand Island Veterans Home around 10:15 Thursday morning.

The man left with his hands bound, accompanied by state troopers.

He walked on his own, out the front door of the Pershing Building on the veterans home campus.

Troopers say they were called to help with a "medical situation", for a man who wouldn't leave his room.

Captain Jeromy McCoy says the man needed to go to the hospital for his safety and to be evaluated for a medical condition.

Mc-coy says they wanted to peacefully resolve the situation, while being understanding the man is a veteran.

"It does make it sensitive. As the Vets Home told us, they're here to help the veterans. We helped him get the care he needed," McCoy said.

Troopers say the man was going to be taken to the VA hospital. They said he would not be going to jail.

Grand Island firefighters responded to the scene. McCoy said they brought a ladder truck, in case it was needed to deal with the situation on the third story. Troopers could be seen removing the window from a room.

State veterans home staff members said they are unable to comment on details of the situation.

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