Truck drivers in high demand

Truck drivers in high demand, drivers say the money is good

NTV News took a look into one job on the road.

When you're driving, it might seem like you see hundreds of semi or commercial trucks around you, but truck drivers are actually in demand.

It might look like a quick and simple drive from point A to point B but drivers said there is nothing easy about controlling an 80,000 pound vehicle.

One student in the Hastings Central Community College truck driving class said he started training because he wanted to work better hours and one day he wants to own his own truck.

However, driving semis is different than what he is used to.

"You've got to give yourself a lot of space to make the turns, and the air brake system is not the same as a car,” said one driving student.

Truck driving program supervisor Clyde Childers said how difficult it is to drive a big rig could be a reason why folks are not applying for the job.

Though his training class at the Hastings CCC is always full, Childers said he gets calls every day from businesses looking for more drivers.

"A lot of it is there are mature people such as myself that are wanting to retire, that's one thing... The good money is the over the road drivers, that would drive long distances and be away from home for lengthy periods of time and live in a truck and that's not for everybody,” said Childers.

You might be giving up a life at home for a life on 18 wheel, and depending on the type of driving you choose, local, regional or cross country, you could be in for a more labor intensive job.

However, in some ways it could be worth it.

"They could easily walk out the door and make$40,000 or $50,000 and I know people who make six figures,” said Childers.

For the future of truck driving, some folks are concerned about it becoming obsolete with auto piloted trucks. Clyde Childers is not too concerned.

"Going down the interstate is one thing, but you know places that you have to go to deliver and pick up and things like that... I don't think they're ready for that,” said Childers.

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