Union Pacific Streamliner finishes NE150 Whistle-stop tour in Grand Island

Union Pacific Streamliner finishes NE150 Whistle-stop tour in Grand Island. (NTV News)

The Union Pacific Nebraska 150 Streamliner made Grand Island its last stop on the three–day whistle-stop journey across Nebraska to celebrate the state's 150th birthday on Sunday.

Hundreds of people came to the Oak Street Crossing to see part of the 'Heritage' fleet, which Union Pacific's CEO and president Lance Fritz said was built and maintained by UP employees.

Fritz said Union Pacific was born in Nebraska, and it's fitting to be part of this event. Others likened the event to the total solar eclipse.

"Union Pacific and Nebraska grew up together, you know," said Union Pacific Chair, President, CEO Lance Fritz. "We're both 150 plus years old at this point and it means a great deal to be a part of that history and also a part of the future of our great state."

"It's like the eclipse, it's only going to happen once in our lifetime so it's very enjoyable," said Grand Island resident Marian Wieser.

Grand Island Mayor Jeremy Jensen said while it's an honor to be part of this tour, he said there's more celebrating yet to come.

"It's really neat for us to be able to do this but it's really something that's going to continue over an entire year," said Grand Island Mayor Jeremy Jensen. "You've got the 150th being a real theme for things this year whether it's Harvest of Harmony, state fair, you've got all kinds of things that 150 is pretty special, too."

Mayor Jensen also held a special moment of silence in memory of Staff Sergeant Patrick Hamburger of Grand Island... who was killed in Afghanistan 6 years ago Aug. 6.

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