UNK hosts business plan competition for area high school students

UNK hosts area high school students in business plan competition (NTV News)

Area high school students got a chance to become entrepreneurs for the day. The 12th annual New Venture Adventure brought students together at the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK) to get creative and show what they've learned.

This event is brought to UNK by Enactus, a student entrepreneurial group to create projects that help your community. High school teachers of business-related classes brought 130 students from 18 regional high schools. Classmates were divided into teams and tasked with creating a business plan.

On Tuesday, many students picked an issue to find a solution.

"In the past, we've had some crazy ideas and it's really fun just knowing the imagination is there for every student and different ideas always make it interesting for us," said Enactus UNK Student Chairman Rachel Jack.

One student already plans to use what she has learned at the competition in the future.

"I've been learning a lot, especially with business. If I kind of want to take over our family ranch and I want to turn that more into a business and this is helping me learn more about that and it's giving me the experience I need so when the time comes I can take it over," said high school freshman Emily Martindale.

Professional bankers and realtors were there to assist the students with their plans. At the end of the day, each team presented their business to a panel of judges. The teams were judged on their finances, mission statements, loan costs and business jingles. This all day event allowed classmates to meet many other students which was Emily's favorite part.

"Working with other people, giving their ideas and trying to make something out of it, that means something. That's probably the best thing about it, making those connections that will help you later in life," Martindale said.

This event also ties into the Kearney Big Idea competition. Students can take these business plans from Tuesday and submit them to the business idea contest. Winners receive cash prizes up to $1,000.

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