UNK hosts career fair for students, postgraduates

    UNK hosts semi-annual post-grad and career fair for all students. (NTV News)

    A bi-annual career fair gives college students of all ages a first look into how their future careers could shape up to be after graduation.

    First impressions and communication was the key at Thursday's UNK career fair, as hundreds of students explored their options on how to build on their areas of study.

    From industrial trades to the military. even graduate school, over 100 industries were represented.

    UNK officials say events like this give underclassmen the opportunity to explore what to do with careers. and upperclassmen a better chance to lock in their first internship or post–grad job.

    "Just being able to connect with these people they kinda push you one way or another what you think you can do with your career and they open up a lot of different avenues for career paths and for success," said UNK Sophomore Andrew Schuller.

    "By not attending you basically shut the door on an access to over 100 different employers," said UNK Academic and Career Advisor John Gibbs. "You can spend hours online searching for different jobs but nothing beats a face to face interview or a conversation with that employer you can get that done within an afternoon here at the career fair."

    Gibbs adds that some students left with interviews and tangible results from the fair. The next one is next fall.

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