UNK aims to raise awareness for hunger, homelessness

Students at UNK are taking part in events to educate others. tonight a panel discussion where they talked about misconceptions. (NTV News)

University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK) students came together to raise awareness about hunger and homelessness while hosting a panel discussion Monday night.

It's hunger and homelessness week all across our country.

Students at UNK are taking part in events to educate others. On Monday night, students organized a panel discussion where they talked about misconceptions.

UNK student Jessica Castro became emotional as she told her story on how her father was deported, leaving her mother living in fear and leading them to be homeless.

"You just never know when it can happen to you," Castro said. "I mean for us, we never expected that. Both of my parents worked so they made steady income."

UNK’s Office of Multicultural Affairs brought students together to discuss these issues and ask questions.

"Hunger and homelessness is obviously a problem everywhere and a lot of times we hear about from the big cities but we really wanted to put a spotlight on what it looks like here in Nebraska and for our students and for our community as well,” said UNK Multicultural Affairs Assistant Director Monica Mueller.

The college wants to show students that there are resources out there including their campus food pantry UNK Big Blue Cupboard.

"And our food pantry here on campus we say it’s for students by students, and it's a really great resource and a lot of students are really thankful that we have it,” Mueller said.

Executive Director of Kearney Jubilee Center Monica Musil said you might not see people who are homeless, but it’s out there.

"We have a lot of families who are homeless who are living in their car. They stay at the parks. They might stay under the bridge,” Musil said.

Musil said the best thing to do is help your community.

She said last month the Jubilee Center served 222 individual families.

With this, she is glad these kids are stepping up to the plate.

"That they are so inspired and that they actually have an interest in this and want to make a difference,” Musil said.

Throughout the week, students will be having events all across campus.

You can go on to the University of Nebraska at Kearney’s website to find more information.

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