Hastings residents vote to keep half-cent sales tax

Downtown Hastings (NTV).

Hastings residents have voted to keep a half-cent sales tax.

About 80 percent of voters said yes to keeping the tax for another 10 years.

Ballots were mailed to residents in August and due on Monday.

This is not a new tax. It is one that the city has been implementing for years. The city was just asking voters to continue the tax.

The half-cent sales tax will go into helping make improvements to the City of Hastings.

"The public library, which will be opening shortly, which is a half-cent sales tax project, and I encourage them to go to Duncan field and watch the new baseball team, another half-cent sales tax, and look down the road at the number of parks and trail improvements and roads that they're gonna see because they voted yes," Pave Our Way Chairwoman Kaleena Fong said.

New improvement projects include renovating playgrounds, quiet zones in downtown and possibly expanding hike/bike trails in Hastings.

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