Veterans and new farmers learning how to get started in the agriculture business

    Veterans and new farmers learning how to get started in the agriculture business

    On Saturday, the Center for Rural Affairs collaborated with the Crane Trust Nature Center in order to help both new and existing veteran farmers get the services they need to get started in the agriculture business.

    "Dealing with some of the veterans here in town, this would be a way to let them know there are outsources here. A way of communicating to the land, taking away some of their PTSD, " said Billie Herron.

    For many veterans, starting a new business can be a risky undertaking and breaking into the agriculture sector can be even tougher.

    "Veterans fit into this very well, because often after their post-military careers they're looking for purpose or a mission. And being able to feed people and provide them with healthy and nutritious food is certainly a mission they can identify with," said Wyatt Fraas with the Center for Rural Affairs.

    But they say one of the primary issues for veterans is not just the cost of land.

    "It’s what is it going to take to build that farm business. Is it going to be two to three acres of vegetable crops or is it going to be 800 acres to raise a herd of cattle," Fraas said.

    Wyatt said this is important because the whole business needs to be built around the entire concept and the vets will need to figure out how to make it a profitable operation-

    "For people who do have better credit or perhaps more assets we've talked about other options like local banks or with the farm credit system to access money for a startup," Fraas said.

    For more information on how veterans can get help with farming, the Center for Rural Affairs says you can go to their website or contact them at (402) 687-2100.

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