Local woman dedicates 38 years to Husker Harvest Days


Husker Harvest Days celebrates its 40th anniversary, where many of the exhibitors and volunteers have been coming back for several years.

Suzy Kleeb has been working at Husker Harvest Days for 38 years, ever since she found out they needed someone to manage the office.

"I just work with exhibitors when they come in, before the show with pre–show arrangements and helping them locate their lots or their booths on the show site," Kleeb said.

She says she grew up on a farm and works with her family farm, so Husker Harvest Days fits into the picture.

"I have a passion for agriculture so I really enjoy working with all of the current companies that are present out here at the shows," she said.

Even exhibitors like Dave Broders from Heritage Homes sees the hardwork and passion that's put into these three days.

"The truth of the matter's busy for them all year. From talking to the people that put this show on. This is a year–long process putting this together," Broders said.

Kleeb says she doesn't mind donating her time to see all of the advancements that have been made over the years.

"There's been a lot of changes in ag. The equipment has gotten much bigger. The technology behind those improvements and changes is very interesting and it's a great place to see those changes," she said.

Husker Harvest Days has an abundance of exhibits.

"They can spend the whole and then even come the next day and see more," she said.

The event runs through Thursday west of Grand Island

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