Volunteers stuff 1,100 backpacks for students

Volunteers stuff 1,100 backpacks for students. (NTV News)

The Kearney community came together Monday night to make sure kids go back to school on the same level.

Dozens of volunteers formed an assembly line to help stuff 1,100 backpacks for students from preschool to 12th grade. It's the 27th year the Dobytown Kiwanis has provided the service to underprivileged families, along with the Kearney Area United Way.

Organizers say doing this helps boost the kids' confidence right from the start.

"Because you have these kids who come in who have all these school supplies and beautiful backpacks, then you have kids who maybe come in with a paper bag maybe some pencils, maybe some crayons,"said Dobytown Kiwanis Backpack Program Co-chair Diane Nikels. "OK you sit down in your chair and you look at the kids next to you and you go, 'Man, I'm not on their level,' and that starts with day one."

The backpacks will be ready for the recipients to pick up both Tuesday and Wednesday.

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