Voter turnout low but Hall County sees more young voters

Hall County 2018 primary. (NTV News)

Every vote counts in Hall County where the next sheriff was determined by a difference of 80 votes.

Turnout was low, but not as low as the Hall County election commissioner had thought.

About 90 minutes before the polls closed, it looked like just 15 percent of voters had turned out.

They saw a surge of folks going after work, and that pushed turnout in Hall County to 22 percent, which is about what they’d anticipated.

Tracy Overstreet said she was pleased to see many first time voters.

“So I looked at some of the numbers for teenage voters, first time voters, those kids who are 17-18 years old. We had almost 350 first time voters registered for the election. Of those, 44 were 17 year olds. So I think we have some up and comer voters and I think that's encouraging for Hall County,” the election commissioner said.

They spent the after day looking at provisional ballots, but don’t expect results to change. They will be officially finalized on Friday.

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