'Good Neighbors of Hastings' hosts rally to support immigration

Hastings community members after marching at Welcome Rally (NTV).

People in Hastings welcomed immigrants into their community by hosting a rally on Sunday

The 'Good Neighbors of Hastings' organization said it hosted the rally because Hastings is a diverse community.

People at the event said they want to be involved in the conversation on immigration reform and send the message that all cultures are welcome there.

"It just brings more enrichment to the community when we have diverse communities and when everyone feels welcomed and a part of the community," Yolanda Chavez-Nuncio, one of the marchers, said.

Margaret Marsh helped organize the event and said immigration directly affects the city because people in Hastings have been deported or detained.

"At least ten people from Hastings have been deported in the last year, and there are 20 being detained and so we're concerned about that. You don't hear about that -you don't read about that, but it's really impacting the Latino population greatly,” Marsh said. "We want people to know that it's happening here, it doesn't just happen in metropolitan areas it's happens in small towns as well. People in Hastings have already been deported or detained,” she said.

The rally encouraged people to tell their stories of how family members immigrated here.

"We have more in common with our neighbors than we do what separates us and I think people lose sight of that. We're more alike we want the same things. We want safe communities we want healthy communities we want prosperity. You know, we all want the same thing,” Marsh said.

This year, they don't want their efforts falling on deaf ears so they added a voter registration as part of the event.

Senator Deb Fischer told NTV that America is welcoming, but we need to be cautious of who comes in.

"The United States is the most compassionate country in the world when it comes to immigration. We are the most welcoming nation. We accept over one million legal immigrants every single year so I believe that we have to come up with a policy that is going to continue to be welcoming, but also to make sure that our country is going to be safe," Fischer said.

Nuncio-Chavez said there's plenty of work and opportunity in Hastings and they want immigrants to feel welcomed.

Hastings community members said they plan to continue holding this rally every year.

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