New research may increase wheat yield by 50 percent

A wheat field in south-central Nebraska (NTV News)

A possible new breakthrough in wheat yields has been discovered by researchers in the United Kingdom that could possibly increase yields by 50 percent.

Doctor Scott Boden of crop genetics department at the John Innes Centre in England has isolated a gene in wheat that could unlock these gains in yield.

And Boden has good intentions with this research, and one of his concerns is feeding the hungry.

Boden said "It is something that I worry about is whether we'll have enough food to feed the world in 30 to 40 years' time and I know they are a lot of clever people out there who might be discouraged working on wheat because it's quite a complicated crop."

Although the test trials will be in Europe and Asia before it hits the states, Doctor Boden hopes that the research will see an impact on farms in 5 to 10 years.

See the entire study below:

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