Winter weather leads to dangerous driving conditions

    Winter weather leads to dangerous driving conditions (NTV News)

    Once again wet weather and cold temps are bringing icy driving conditions to central Nebraska making it more important than ever to pay attention to dangerous road condition.

    Another winter storm in Nebraska means another day of dangerous driving conditions and plenty of businesses and city workers were out this morning trying to battle the slick roads.

    "It was slick it was definitely slick. It got worse as you got into town, the side roads are just terrible, the parking lot was just terrible. We have been icing and icing trying to make it safe for our customers but it was bad," said Linda Welch of Casey's General Store in Kearney.

    Sharing a lot of the same struggles as businesses like Casey's, Kearney public work employees have spent all day treating roads, only to have them re–freeze just a few hours later.

    "Well the treatments vary a lot, how long they will last depends a lot on the temperature. We are probably seeing four hours right now maybe a little better. Really the roads are just re–freezing. After the de–icing materials get deluded. It just flash freezes again and we have to go treat them again," said Andy Harter, assistant director of Public Works.

    With the icy roads and continuing winter weather conditions the best advice that anyone can give about the roads is simple.

    "If you don't have to be out stay home. We try to keep them all wet and keep the icy patches down but as they re freeze we don't really know exactly where they are going to be or where that would be the worst," said Harter.

    "Stay home, stay home stay warm, stay safe," said Welch.

    Speaking to folks about driving on icy conditions today they all said the same thing. If you don't need to be on the road its better to stay home.

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