Woman wins election for Adams County position, gets fired by boss and election opponent


The woman elected to be the next Adams County Clerk of the District Court said she was fired by the person she defeated in the polls.

Amanda Bauer received 74 percent of the vote over incumbent Chrystine Setlik.

Now, Bauer said she's been removed from her position as chief deputy by Setlik, who is also Bauer's boss.

Bauer said she wasn't given a reason for her firing other than "a need to part ways" with the office.

When NTV News spoke with Setlik, she said, "Our office will be not answering questions," and then she hung up the phone.

Vice Chairman of the County Board of Supervisors Dale Curtis told NTV News it is completely up to the discretion of the current clerk who works in the office.

While out of a job now, Bauer will take office as county clerk in January.

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