World Cup watch party held at Kearney sports bar

World Cup watch party held at Kearney sports bar (NTV News)

Team USA may not be in the hunt for this year's World Cup, but that's not stopping local soccer enthusiasts from continuing their support for the sport.

Soccer fans gathered at Fanatics Sports Bar in Kearney Saturda afternoon to watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup action on several TVs and big screens.

Owners of Fanatics Sports Bar said they're an official 'American Outlaws' watch spot, so it's not a surprise soccer fans come here.

"We have one of the bigger American Outlaws chapters so I know our local sport is big," said Fanatics Sports Bar owner Todd Schirmer. "We’ve had a lot of success with the high school team winning state title this year, so I think locally it’s a big draw, we get quite a few people in here, especially when the U. S. is playing."

Schirmer added it doesn't really matter which teams win or lose, everyone has a great time watching the game.

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