World's largest Kool-Aid Days stand makes its appearance in Hastings

Board members came together and it took weeks to build the stand. (NTV News)

In Hastings the Kool–Aid Days brought thousands to town.

This year they are showing off a new addition for the event.

It's the 20th anniversary for Kool–Aid Days in Hastings where they had the world’s largest Kool-Aid stand on display.

"Kool-Aid Days has had a Kool-Aid stand for 18 years and this is the brand new and improved Kool-Aid stand. It is the world’s largest, it now has 20 flavors and is 80 feet long,” Chief mixer at Kool-Aid Days John Bohmfalk said.

Board members came together and it took weeks to build the stand.

"Board members designed the stand and it was designed as integral units so each flavor has its own section,” said Bohmfalk.

Each year the event brings in people from everywhere throughout Nebraska and the country.

"Oh just for fun and we like to try the different Kool–Aid and get away from town do some things,” Central City native Dev Flesch said.

Nikki-Catrina Anderson, winner of Miss Kool-Aid Days made her first appearance.

"It’s wonderful, there’s so many flavors. I’m making my way down I haven't tried them all yet but mandarina I think is my next one, I’m excited its great," Anderson said.

Board members said that they use up to 2,400 pounds of sugar to make these drinks.

If you missed Kool-Aid Days on Saturday, the celebration is still happening on Sunday

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