YWCA goes over the edge to empower women and end racism

Woman repelling down the side of 217 building in Grand Island. (NTV News)

For over 100 years, the Young Women's Christian Association of Grand Island has been trying to eliminate racism and empower women.

Saturday, more than 30 participants went above and beyond to raise awareness for the YWCA by rappelling down one of the tallest buildings in town, the 104-foot 217 building on Railside.

"This raises awareness for our programs. A childcare that offers some unique programming. Free preschool, free Spanish classes, for the kids who attend our childcare; free pick up from 5 elementary and middle schools," Mandy Burkett, YWCA Executive Director said.

The list goes on. The main objective of the organization is to empower women and eliminate racism.

14 year-old Taryn Burkett comes from a biracial family.

"So many people say racism doesn't exist anymore and it does and I deal with it on the daily," Taryn said.

She said the YWCA has taught her about self-acceptance and now she has become a volunteer in the their childcare facility.

She, as well as Nathan Stewart, owner of McKinney’s Pub, went down the building on Saturday.

"It was something very unique and different, especially going down the side of the building being able to look across the downtown area-it was really cool," Stewart said.

He even decided to donate lunch for those who repelled down the building. He said giving support is just as important as getting it.

"Anything you can do to help the downtown businesses grow, like the YWCA and things of that sort, the local businesses have to support each other," Stewart said.

Click here for more information on the YWCA .

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