Compromise expected soon on expanding ethanol

Steve Nelson of Nebraska Farm Bureau stands outside the Green Plains ethanol in Central City (NTV News)

Farmers praise the president's push to expand markets for ethanol, while they wait for details.

Folks from both the oil and ethanol side of the debate are said to be near a compromise.

It would allow higher blends of ethanol to be sold year-round, specifically gas blended with up to 15 percent ethanol, which could increase demand for corn.

Nebraska Farm Bureau President Steve Nelson said, “We continue always of course to be looking for markets for our products. We grow more corn than we use in this country, so it's important to find markets whether they be in ethanol first and then through livestock it's important we grow these markets.”

There's some contention in exactly how they'll make that work.

Ethanol supporters would like to get the deal done soon, so more biofuels are used during the summer driving season.

Nebraska Farm Bureau leaders toured the Green Plains ethanol plant in Central City on Monday.

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