Fair raises livestock entry fees

Showing your prize animal at the Nebraska State Fair is about to be a little more expensive. (NTV News)

Nebraska State Fair leaders say entry fees for livestock shows don't begin to cover the money they pay out in premiums.

Those fees also fall short of paying for bedding in the barns, and they say that cost has gone up dramatically.

Even with a fee increase, fair board members say it still doesn't cover their expense.

“It's only going to be covering about a third of our cost. Not saying we're going to go up another in the long term, but we just need to help to keep our barns nice, clean, and what we got going on,” said Kirk Shane with the State Fair board.

The fair will add a $15 fee per-head on beef and dairy cattle and $5 a head on sheep, goats and swine.

They're also adding a few dollars per head to cover drug testing of animals.

Fair leaders say drug testing ensures no livestock have an unfair advantage.

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