Central Nebraska farmers thankful for ice storm

While many people across Central Nebraska deal with slick roads and clean up after this ice storm, local farmers are happy to receive the much needed moisture.

Temperatures warmed up today, which caused much of the ice on the ground to begin to melt.

Ice on the ground caused headaches for many Nebraskans who hit the road today.

But one local farmer said that while people complained about the weather this weekend, he actually was excited to welcome the ice storm with open arms.

"The benefit is of course moisture which we need in order to raise crops. We need any amount of moisture we can get during the off season which is the winter season", said Chris Kuehn.

The National Drought Mitigation Center said 2016 was an abnormally dry year for Nebraska.

"This past year this particular area was hit very harsh by the drought. Any moisture that we are getting right now is helping to replenish what was taken by the crop last year", said Kuehn.

He said that during this storm his farm collected about three fourth of an inch of rain, which is usually what he gets when it snows about 8 inches.

But Kuehn told NTV that he prefers ice over plain 'ol rain or snow.

"We've already seen a large portion of the ice already melted and it's already starting to be absorbant in the soil. Meanwhile snow takes a much longer process to melt, be absorbed in and be beneficial not only for the ground but especially for our cattle...it makes it sloppier longer while it melts", said Kuehn.

NTV News Chief Forecaster Kent Boughton said that freezing rain penetrates the soil more than snow.

"Freezing rain still has more moisture content then snow does....in fact rain is generally coming down. Freezing rain even as rain. And it freezes when it hits the surface and collects on crops...soil....", said Kent Boughton,

Kuehn said he has a lot of concerns when there is no rainfall but he's happy that this storm did not turn out much worse.

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