Governor highlights trade, tax relief at 30th Annual Ag Conference

Gov. Pete Ricketts kicks off the 2018 Governor's Ag Conference (NTV News)

Governor Pete Ricketts called on state senators to reach a compromise on property tax relief Thursday.

Ricketts told NTV he's working with Senator Jim Smith as well as other senators and groups to pull a bill together.

"We're probably only going to get one shot at this, so we need to kind of get some consensus on what that bill will be, but with about 21 days left in the legislative session we do have to make this a priority and get it done. It has to happen quickly," he said.

If a bill fails, the governor said he would not support the ballot initiative currently being proposed.

"The ballot initiative that's out there right now would be very destructive. It really doesn't fit within the budget," said Ricketts.

Ricketts said he talked with Vice President Mike Pence during his recent trip to Nebraska about a proposal to regulate RINS, or Renewable Identification Number, which he said would damage the ethanol industry.

"We wanted to emphasize the importance of the renewable fuel standard and there's some talk of regulating RINS, that would be damaging to the ethanol industry," said Ricketts.

The governor joined NTV from the 30th Annual Governor's Ag Conference Thursday, where trade is a big focus. Ricketts said he also talked to Pence about the Trump Administration's strategy.

"We want to make sure that as we improve these trade relationships we don't disrupt them. Trade is very important to Nebraska agriculture. We want to make sure there's no retaliation against our products. We want to open up markets," said the governor.

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