Harvest stalls in Nebraska, with little progress

Doug Saathoff of Trumbull unloads soybeans to a grain cart on farm ground near Trumbull (NTV News)

Harvest is at a standstill in much of Nebraska, with the USDA showing less than two days suitable for field work in the past week.

The most recent crop report from the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service shows significant rainfall of an inch or more was received across most of the State, while some northeastern counties received up to four inches.

There were 1.9 days suitable for fieldwork, statewide, and no days suitable for many.

The percent of corn that's been harvested was 13 percent, behind 22 last year and 29 average. And up just one percentage point from the week before, when 12 percent of corn had been picked.

On soybeans, 23 percent of this year's crop has now been harvested, showing little progress from the week before. Usually at this time of year, the USDA says about half of soybeans have been cut in Nebraska.

Weather's also affecting winter wheat. 77 percent has now been planted, compared with 94 last year.

But the rain has likely been good for areas that had seen drought earlier in the summer. Topsoil moisture supplies rated 2 percent very short, 7 short, 68 adequate, and 23 surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies rated 4 percent very short, 16 short, 72 adequate, and 8 surplus.

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