Loup County Fair embraces the unpredictable with turtle races

Loup County Fair embraces the unpredictable with turtle races. (NTV News)

Slow and steady doesn't always win the race.

While some county fairs have demolition derbies and others have rodeos, the Loup County Fair in Taylor has turtle power.

Kids collect turtles from around the county and see whose will move from the starting line to the finish in the shortest amount of time - which never seems to happen very quickly.

Some turtles are really aggressive; they'll come out and put their head up and start walking. Others will put their head in the shell and want to hide from the crowd. You never know what your turtle's going to do. He may be aggressive at home, but when it gets to town, it's his own world then.

They do it right on "the square" in the middle of town.

There are no fairgrounds, per se.

The 4-H building doubles as the VFW club and they pretty much shut down for the fair.

The population of Loup County may triple during the weekend, not counting turtles, cattle or rabbits.

Organizers say following the turtle races, kids return the creatures to within feet of where they found them.

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