Planting on hold, as farmers deal with cold and snow

A farmer plants his crops near York (NTV News)

The calendar says it's time for farmers to plant their crops, but nature puts that on hold.

We've seen a wide range of conditions, Friday afternoon alone it was 80 in Lincoln, while at the same time the wind chill in McCook was in the teens.

Extension Educator Jenny Rees says she’s grateful to hear most farmers are waiting to plant.

“When you plant in conditions that are not favorable, those seeds take in water really rapidly, so it can cause the embryo to die and abnormal growth in those seeds too. When we think about profitability, we don't want to put more money into this crop than we need to,” she said.

Experts say soil temps need to hit 50, and then stay there for 48 hours after planting for best results, and to avoid replanting.

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