Ranchers brace for blizzard

Brian Laub prepares for a blizzard on his farm (NTV News)

Ranchers brace for a blizzard in the middle of calving season.

On the Laub farm outside Grand Island, they spent the day doing what chores they can before the snow hits.

Farmers say it's been hard on livestock to see temperatures fluctuating.

They're preparing for a long night, as they check cattle during the blizzard.

Brian Laub said, “I thought we calved late enough we didn't have to have this stuff. So, you just get ready to have a long night in case the storm blows in, you check them all night.”

Laub they're about two-thirds of the way through calving.

We heard from another rancher who kept one of their kids home from school to help, bringing 18 newborn calves to a windbreak by their house, and others tell us they're prepared to bring newborns inside if they have to.

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