Water conservation, prevention of contamination topics at NRD Conference

Nebraska's DHHS has information regarding water conservation and preventing water contamination at the NRD Conference in Kearney. (NTV News)

The Nebraska's Natural Resources District (NRD) annual conference is underway with one of the main topics being the conservation and protection of water.

Nebraska's Department of Health and Human Services is at the conference promoting the prevention of water contamination. They say it's important to be cautious when fertilizing gardens, yards and crops.

Fertilizers are known to be the largest source of nitrates which can cause serious health issues in young children, pregnant women or those with a low immune system.

"It's important because we want good groundwater. Nebraska is the groundwater state and if we don't have good groundwater, we are going to have drinking water that's contaminated and we won't have safe drinking water for future generations," said Becky Schuerman of DHHS.

The program aims to reinforce the importance of having safe drinking water for current and future generations.

Currently, many of the public water systems do not have to treat their water because it is clean.

The Water Well Standards program will be at the NRD Conference through Tuesday.

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