Catchy or trashy? 'Getting America laid and happy' billboard goes up near Highway 4

'Getting America laid and happy' billboard stirs up controversy

Cash Moore, a local liquor store and nightclub owner, has long been known for his catchy and often controversial advertisements.

Now, some people in one community say his newest advertising campaign has gone too far.

Coming north on State Route 4 you see a sign for Cash's liquors. It features him and his daughter and grandkids, but on the other side, there's another message that has the community in an uproar.

Steve Masters moved to the Baker area with his parents half a century ago from Pensacola. He's called the place home ever since.

"Lot of Alabama people, northern people come down to Destin, their families and everything. What we are foreseeing them seeing of us and our state is on this sign right here," Masters said.

Masters, and some of his neighbors have lived next to these signs since they were put up many years ago.

"We're fine with your business, we are fine with having you here, but this sign has just come a little bit too far and we would just plead to you to have a more appropriate sign," Masters said.

Down in the south end of the county on Okaloosa Island, Cash Moore manages his Okaloosa empire; 17 liquor stores, restaurants, a nightclub, he has been in the business half a century, too.

He employs more than 300 people in the county. In his opinion, the billboards are part of the deal, too.

"If I upset them they are probably not a customer of mine anyhow. The billboard was put up there really to aim directly at Alabama and Tennessee people using that road that are customers of mine. And if the word laid, L-A-I-D has upset them, let's face reality, they don't need a radio in their car, at their house, or a TV," Moore said.

But he does say he is willing to talk it over with anyone who has a problem.

"The person complaining about it needs to call me up and discuss it with me and let's see if we can find a happy medium," Moore said.

There's no middle ground regarding this sign as far as Steve Masters is concerned.

"Yes, go to Cash's and have a good time, be respectful about it," Masters said. "But the first part is not respectful, it's degrading."

We asked the Okaloosa County attorney about the matter. He told us in a statement:

We are aware of the complaints and we are reviewing the matter. No determination has been made at this time.

In the meantime, let us know what you think in our poll.

Is Cash's sign catchy or trashy in your opinion?

(Poll option photos by: MGN)

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