Brown Wins Foltz's Scholarship


Nebraska not sending out a punter on its first three and out Saturday.The gesture meant to honor late punter Sam Foltz. That's the story getting press nationally.But there was another meaningful tribute too.

Nebraska giving out the first ever Sam Foltz memorial scholarship during an on field ceremony with the Foltz family. Sam's best friend, place kicker drew brown, given the inaugural installment.

“I don't even think I could put it into words. You know, Sam was a guy that I would do anything to model myself after. And, just being awarded something that is in his name means more than the world to me. He was my best friend. I'm never going to forget that night. I'm never going to forget this ceremony. I'm never going to forget the crowd standing up and cheering for Sam. Just having that award, and so many other guys deserving on the team and knowing that I was the one that was picked is pretty special to me,” kicker Drew Brown said.

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