Frost, staff to receive championship bonuses from UCF

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Central Florida finished the season as the only FBS program to go undefeated (13-0), topping Auburn 34-27 in the Peach Bowl on New Year's Day.

And then things started to get interesting.

ESPN’s The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz had proclaimed the Knights their "personal" National Champions on multiple occasions, had UCF won, leading up to the Peach Bowl. When they returned to work on Tuesday, they continued the movement.

UCF ultimately embraced it and changed its Twitter handle to "2017 National Champions" late on Tuesday.

Then the trolls come out with pitchforks.

Danny White is the Central Florida Athletics Director, and he fired right back with his response.

Based on this link, Scott Frost receives a $200,000 bonus for winning a national championship at UCF. This is on top of the $75,000 he received for winning the AAC title before accepting the Nebraska job.

The full list of bonuses and incentives is listed below.

Base compensation

2017 guaranteed pay: $2,000,000

Total contract pay: $11,700,000

Contract length: 6 years

Start date: 11/29/2015

Last amended: 5/1/2017

Expires: 1/15/2022


National title bonus: $200,000

CFP semifinal win: $100,000

CFP semifinal appearance: $100,000

Conference title bonus: $25,000 for appearing and $50,000 for winning

Academic bonuses: $5,000 for APR of 940; $10,000 for 950; $15,000 for 960; $20,000 for 970; $5,000 for team GPA of 2.6; $10,000 for 2.7; $15,000 for 2.8; $20,000 for 2.9

Car: one late-model luxury car

Tickets: one skybox including food and beverage and 12 tickets for home football games; no less than 20 tickets to road football games; 8 basketball tickets

Other Perks

Miscellaneous perks: $25,000 each year no player arrests, indictments or convictions, no violations of student code of conduct; no NCAA violations.

Buyout if coach leaves for another coaching job: Coach owes the school half of whatever salary remains on his contract or $3,000,000 — whichever figure is less.

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