Gaining game day experience comes with time

The Nebraska defensive unit huddles inside the Hawks Championship Center on July 30, 2017 (KHGI)

LINCOLN - At his post-practice press conference, Bob Diaco is at it again; still uninformed about the proper protocol for a microphone coming with a clip, which attaches to clothing, and no one is helping him out.

Perhaps he's somewhat inexperienced in such forums.

Kind of like some of the guys on his defensive unit who are green to game day in the Big Ten.

"We do the best job we can preparing at game speed and maintaining safe drills and proper drills through the grind of the camp," said Nebraska's first-year defensive coordinator. "You want it to be as real as possible but there's nothing like playing in the games. Players make the biggest gains when they get the opportunity to participate."

Some of the guys Diaco was referring to were defensive backs Eric Lee, Jr. and Dicaprio Bootle.

He also had a quick recap of progress through eight preseason practices.

“Guys are good,” Diaco says. “Guys are working hard. Guys are trying hard. The units are improving. The players are improving. Coaches are improving.”

Diaco also commented on the linebackers performance, specifically seniors Luke Gifford and Marcus Newby.

“Both players are really doing a wonderful job. I think they’re doing a beautiful job getting ready and cooperating. I don’t feel a lot of anxiety with the competition at that spot," he said.

The Huskers are back on the practice field on Wednesday morning as they continue their first week of camp.

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