Halftime meetings provide spark for Nebraska offense

Nebraska offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf pays close attention as the Huksers warm up, Sept. 23, 2017 at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Neb. (KHGI)

LINCOLN --- After 30 minutes, Nebraska was good for 14 points and down by four scores at Penn State.

Once again, halftime proved to be a magical time for the offense to find their missing elements, similarly to the way the Huskers did at Oregon when they scored 21 points to make it a 42-35 final.

"We regrouped a little bit and got back to the plan that we started with," said offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf. "Right from the second half, that first drive wasn't perfect, but we got on a roll after that a little bit and we started making some plays. So that's a standard deal at halftime."

It should be noted there were 28 players from Penn State with at least one tackle, and five of the top ten tacklers in the game were not listed as a starter.

Nebraska tries to close out the year in positive fashion, at home to Iowa, Friday, 3 p.m. on FS1.

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