Huskers ask for fans vote on new volleyball floor

A potential floor design for the Bob Devaney Sports Center (

Nebraska volleyball is making a change to the floor design of the Bob Devaney Sports Center and they're giving the fans a choice to choose from the options.

Option No. 1 most closely resembles the current layout with a red block N at center court.

Another choice for fans to pick from is with a white block N at center court. There's also a design with the white block N surrounded by red from one 10-foot line to the other.

The least noticeable N at center court comes with a tan outline between the 10-foot lines and the block letter maintaining the original shade of the court.

Finally, there's a scheme with the outer court being blacked out, with the Nebraska font on the outer edges of the court colored in red, the full court also in red with white to signify the Nebraska N and lines on the court.

Votes can be made here and the ballot's close at 5 p.m. Friday.

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