Huskers Thursday practice report

Nebraska defensive players stretch prior to the first practice of the 2017 season, July 30, 2017 (KHGI)

Nebraska Head Coach Mike Riley spoke with media Wednesday about a variety of topics, including junior wide receiver Stanley Morgan and redshirt freshman wide receiver JD Spielman.

“We would like to think with the corps of receivers we have that they all contribute and then we’ll be at our best,” Riley said. “If Stanley, depending on the role that he plays, he’s obviously going to be a target for us. That just helps everyone else if we can get that part of it going.

“The thing I love about JD is that he is unfazed about where he is. He’s very competitive, he’s very comfortable getting in these games and competing. Doesn’t appear to be fazed by at all and makes plays. I’m real excited for him, about him, and how he can continue to impact the game.”

Additionally, Riley talked about how the team handled the short week of practice in preparation for Friday’s game against Illinois.

“I think they did really really well,” Riley said. “I was impressed with how they handled the change. We haven’t been in it that long, the season, but we stepped out of the routine and did what we needed to do. Did some stuff with them on Sunday, then got into a little bit longer Monday, actually cut down what we normally do on Tuesday, and then today was identical to what I call ‘Day Two,’ two days before the game. Leading up to today I thought they handled it very well and I believe we’re ready to go.”

Riley also commented on Nebraska’s new Interim Athletic Director Dave Rimington, speaking highly of him based on their brief interactions thus far.

“Actually met with him for about an hour during the lunch period today just to kind of talk and learn more about each other,” Riley said. “It was a great talk. I’ve met him before but this is the first time really I’ve got to spend any kind of quiet time that we can talk. It was very good, seems like a great person. It’s obviously a unique individual when you have an award named after you. I’m very respectful of that, what he’s done. It’s fun talking football with him.”

The Huskers will continue to practice Thursday afternoon for their road game against Illinois on Friday. Kickoff is set for 7 p.m. and will be televised nationally on FS1.

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