Coach Langsdorf: Just Another Game

Huskers Defense practice sprints atMemorial Stadium.

Last Friday the Huskers Offense scored touchdowns on all three of their drives in the first half. First time ever in the Big 10 Era.

Tanner Lee also raised the bar a little higher finishing the game totaling 246 yards in passing with three touchdowns.

Posting the best quarterback rating of his collegiate career.

But now facing number nine Wisconsin, who leads the Big 10 reeling in seven interceptions, plus racking up 16 sacks on the year.

Capturing those same numbers may be nearly impossible.

But for offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf however, it's just another game.

"We've really been preaching that if we do the same thing every week, then we prepare the same way," Langsdorf said. "It is another game, everybody will make it a big game, but we don't have to prepare for Wisconsin any harder than we do Illinois," Langsdorf continued. "So, I think that's really been the way we've approached it, we want it to be the same every week then we don't have to get up for the big game and act different, give more speeches, or do anything crazy."

The Huskers kick off against the badgers Saturday night at 7:00 PM. The team announced today they want to make it a Clack out.

Fans are encouraged to come decked out in Black Husker gear.

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