The Buckeyes Achilles Heel

Lee looking to pass on a slant route.

If you look up Big 10 football statistics you'll see Ohio State ranks number one in 6 different categories.

Especially on the offensive side of the ball where the Buckeyes lead the Big 10 scoring 36 touchdowns on the year, averaging over 560 yards a game.

But the defense, could be this teams Achilles heel.

The Buckeyes sit fifth in the conference for total defense, and pass defense efficiency.

With the Huskers coaching staff claiming progress with Tanner Lee's passing, this could be a boost for a Nebraska Victory.

"I think he's been really good the last two games," Huskers offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf said. "I thought he had some really smart decisions, I thought he threw the ball accurately, he moved nicely in the pocket had to scramble, stepped up a few times against some rush," Langdorf continued. "I just think he's been really sharp, really solid, he graded out great in our last game, you know comfort level continuing to work on wide rushing and stepping up and having his focus down field."

"You know I think he's getting more and more comfortable," Langsdorf stated. "I think that's why he's playing faster and making better decisions."

The Huskers kick–off against the Buck–eyes on Saturday at 6:30 PM. Games being aired on FS1.

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