Loper secondary most intriguing to Lynn

UNK junior defensive back Cameron Winston gets into position during a catch drill on Aug. 7, 2017 (KHGI)

KEARNEY - UNK's defense had a tough time against the pass a season ago.

The 2,608 allowed through the air wasn't awful, but how much of it was attributed to a short field due to the offense's ineptness? The passing efficiency defense was a more telling 136th nationally ranked at 142.83.

UNK needed to get better in the area, and after the first day of practice, it's the position head coach Josh Lynn found himself most intrigued by.

"Probably the corner spot," Lynn said. "We've got a lot of new faces out there in the defensive secondary at the corner spot. That position has gotten a lot better in recruiting and things like that and we haven't seen those guys move around yet, like on the football field, so we'll keep a good eye on that."

Moving through the air is a big tool for MIAA teams, finishing with seven of the top 48 passing offenses in 2016.

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